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Our study aims to bring together all those interested in the genealogy and family history of the surname SHERWOOD and its variants.

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We included in our study all the main variants as listed in the current version of the IGI − Sharwood, Shearwood, Sheerwood, Sherhod, Sherrard, Sharrard, Shirwood(e) Sharrod, Shurwood and Shurrud.  

Bases upon the 1881 census, Berkshire had by far the highest density of Sherwoods (5 times the national average) followed by Worcestershire (3.3), Oxfordshire (3.0), Radnorshire (2.8), Dorset (2.7), Northamptonshire (2.4), Shropshire and Norfolk (2.3) and Kent (2.1). Of the 4,085 enumerated 3,967 lived in England, 53 in Wales, 36 in Scotland and 9 were serving in the Royal Navy. Yorkshire contained the highest number of individuals 616, but because of its large population, the density was only 1.6.

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The name is also fairly common in Ireland where it was clustered around Dublin, Arklow in Co. Wicklow, Wexford & Meath. Tracing Sherwoods in Ireland can be difficult because many records have not survived after the fire in Dublin. Try the site for the National Archives of Ireland for advice on where to start. Certainly in the Irish famines of the 19C a number of Sherwoods emigrated to America. A number of Sherwoods and Sharwoods have also settled in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, coming from places such as Guildford, Kent, Surrey and Yorkshire.

There were not many Sherwood families who settled in Scotland, so they should be easier to find. The civil registration records from 1837 are very detailed and can be searched on line at the government site ScotlandsPeople.

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